February in Review

It’s March! Pinch and a punch and all that. (Both my kids frowned at me when I tried it on them.) Anyway, I thought it would be good to revive my barely begun tradition of reviewing each month.

Bike park fun.

This past month has obviously been a biggie for us what with baby L’s arrival. I feel like February started really slow – that inevitable feeling of “WHEN will this baby get here??” definitely had a part to play in that! Of course when she did get here, it was pretty quick, all things considered.

She sleeps on her own!

We ended the month at speed – adjusting to baby and juggling the two other kids has made the days fly by. It hasn’t helped that my first week home S spiked a 39°c temperature while at Kindy and last week she decided to one up that and injure herself badly enough to require minor surgery. I think poor M was starting to wonder why his little sisters required so much attention.

Sad face with a temporary bandage on.

S was a trooper though. Not a tear was shed in the 5 hours she had to wait at ED while seeing various doctors, nurses and specialists. She was also good with surgery – though the fasting did make her grumpy and she was very clingy after.

Post-op smiles.

We’re now waiting for her hand to fully recover. She’s had it checked and it’s healing nicely but I think it’s going to be awhile before she has full use of it again. She’s remarkably resilient though and is managing life with 1.5 hands very well. It doesn’t bother her and we spend a great deal of time reminding her she actually has to be careful with it and not to climb or jump on or off things.

Butt doctor?

February also saw the start of the school year – for which I breathed a huge sigh of relief. 7 weeks of holidays is too much – it’s too much for the kids and too much for me too! M really didn’t want to go back to school and he spent some time trying to convince me he didn’t need to go back and he would cope with seeing his friends at play dates – never mind that they would be at school too. I’ve never been more thankful for holiday programmes.

M has settled back into school quite nicely though and he’s really enjoying things like LEGO building and the fact they’re going swimming up to three times a week. He’s also restarted swimming lessons this term and his confidence in the water is really growing in leaps and bounds.

S loves swimming so much she wears her togs out.

His swimming lessons had the bonus of getting us all in the water. The hydrotherapy pool became my best friend for approximately two weeks. It was magic on my water retention and aches and pains. It was also nice to be weightless for awhile and to have all the strain come off my back and pelvis. If only I had known about it sooner!! I will probably make use of it again to help me gain back some fitness once L is a bit more settled.


So that was February! Here’s to March, autumn, cooler weather and hopefully a marginally slower pace of life.

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